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Terminator Art

Fan Art, Graphics, Icons, Models, Photography, and more!

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Terminator Fan Art, Graphics, Icons, Fan Vids, Models, Photography, and more!

A Terminator Community

Welcome to terminator_art. Here you will find art of different mediums for the Terminator fandom. All Terminator 'verses are welcomed: The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Terminator Salvation. Art related to Terminator video games, books/novels, fan fiction illustrations, models/crafts, photography, and cosplay are welcomed here.

Fan art is as rewarding as fan fiction or fan discussion. If you are interested, you should join, share, discuss, and promote!


General community etiquette is required here. But, to be specific:

    1. Anyone may join or watch terminator_art.
    (a) Read the rules of the community and abide by them when posting or commenting here.

    2. Respect other members.
    Flaming, attacking, harassing or other such negative behavior towards other members is NOT acceptable. If you have problems with another member please PM (or otherwise contact) one of the Moderators, and we will be happy to help.

    3. Content.
    (a) To comply with Livejournal's TOS, all characters must be of age if they participate in any sexual acts. They must be over 18.
    (b) All entries must include the proper rating and warnings. Please be sure to tag your entries and list warnings as necessary.
    (c) terminator_art is a community for any visual art related to the Terminator multiverse. Therefore all posts should be centered around characters and events from the Terminator multiverse in some way. PLEASE NOTE: Actor art is also acceptable within reason.

    4. Posting to the community.
    (a) Please tag your entries. A listing of tags can be found here. Also, if you find a tag missing, please comment this entry to have your post updated with a tag.
    (b) Any entries longer than 10 lines should use an lj-cut for line 11 and up. Images larger than 300 x 300 pixels should be placed under an lj-cut. [LJ-Cut FAQ]
    (c) Icon posts should have no more than four icons previewed.
    (d) Fake cuts are acceptable, but please ensure the entry you link to is not friends locked. [Fake cut help]
    (e) Promoting another Terminator community is allowed if the community is an affiliate with terminator_art. To become an affiliate, please contact a moderator.
    (f) Posting art that is not your own (recs) or is from another source can be posted as long as a source is included. We advise asking permission just to be safe, too.
    Please credit original artist!
    (g) Fan fiction illustrations are allowed to be posted here. Please do not post fan fiction or use the format below for fan fiction ONLY. You may post the illustration with a fake cut to the fic or simply post a preview of the illustration(s) if you would rather have the art seen as it was intended (with the fic).
    We recommend terminatorfic as a great community to post your Terminator fan fiction.
    (h) Please use the following as a guide to posting entries:

Website Links (outside of LJ)

Other Terminator Communities
Contact a moderator to become an affiliate!

Contact a mod: gega_cai @ LiveJournal

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